finding true purpose

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One hand I extend into myself, the other toward others.

finding true purpose

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My motivation for creating this solution
The ask and demand market in the recruiting world of Human Resources(HR) is still mostly founded on gut feelings. Because of this people reason the recruiters can hire on their preference for race, gender, age etc. I see this as a big problem and foresee this problem only growing bigger and bigger in this rapidly changing world that we live in.

That is why I started working on my solution. I want to make a change in the hiring process by removing (gut) feeling as well as personal bias and base it solely on the skills & potential of an individual.

The solution
I want to start a Tinder-like program where jobseekers come into one large pool where only personality traits, credentials and competencies are considered. The jobseekers are offered potential employers who, according to my system, should be a match based on competencies and personality traits. If the jobseeker is a good candidate and is interested in the vacancy, the employer will be notified. To avoid the well-known biases and to ensure that everyone can get to the top of the so-called “pile”. All of those candidates are then presented anonymously to the employers.

A prototype I made

The impact I wish to make with this solution

I want to make an impact on companies, so that they change their traditional HR practices. And therefore contribute to a world where people don’t hire based on feelings and biases, but based on skill and potential. So that all people have an equal opportunity to connect with each other regardless of race, gender & age etc.

Experience how someone is without directly seeing them

The biggest learnings and obstacles I faced during the process.

When I started the minor program Embrace at Fontys | Pulsed I honestly had a blurred mindset, it felt as if I was stuck in life. It therefore came as a surprise to me that I found back my strength and passion. I became motivated to work on new and interesting projects that helped me develop further.

During the minor I started to understand my own strengths and I became aware of my insecurities. My biggest strength was connecting with people and seeing their unique value and my biggest insecurity was not believing in myself and not believing I could add value to the world. 

When I discovered my interests and how my own mind was blocking me from setting and reaching those set goals. Being surrounded by the people working and studying at Pulsed I started to believe in my self more and more. Maybe even more importantly I started believing a lot in others.

What’s next?

This is when I started searching for organisations that share the same passions and frustrations, so I can start with my internship. This resulted in an organisation that is called IVY works that offers game-based assessments for various organisations. And here I can learn how HR-analytics works and learn more about the whole system of hiring.

In the meantime I am also learning Python. Which turns out to be quite difficult, but I believe it will turn out to be useful in the long run when I will know how to create the software needed for my Tinder-like HR solution.

Here I am posing with the prototype I made during the minor


Edwin Gomersbach