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first year program | empower

TEC (technology + entrepreneurship + creativity)

Choosing a right major can be tricky. Sometimes, you find that the study you’ve chosen does not fit well with you. There’s a feeling, you’ve made a wrong move and are unsure about the next step. That’s why we created Fontys Empower TEC.

Empower is a first, it's a full-time educational program for students who have dropped out and are looking for a fresh start. During the program students stay socially connected in a dynamic learning environment and discover their real talents and interests to make a well-informed choice for a major that truly fits their identity.

All students are welcome

we are enrolling
Fontys Pulsed engineering prototypes together in the TEC space

program details

The core focus of the program is on professionalising identity development. You will develop your (future) professional skills, learn hot creative tools, unpack your personal identity and will be supported by individual coaching to transform into a Self-Directed Professional.

During the 21 Empower-packed weeks, you experience varied activities and challenges that you take individually or in a group.

open-ended challenges

One challenge every three weeks.
And a different subject for each.

Fontys Pulsed Empower Design-Based challenges - my spark


You are given time and space to land. And you will discover your interests and inspirations.

Fontys Pulsed Empower Design-Based challenges - it's all in the game

it's all in
the game

Who and what made you, you? You will dive in your life's story and create a game about it.

Fontys Pulsed Empower Design-Based challenges - meaningful you


For who or what do you want to mean something. Discover your values and how you want to make an impact.

Fontys Pulsed Empower Design-Based challenges - look into the world

look into the world

From your own fascinations and expertise you will develop a solution to a societal issue.

Fontys Pulsed Empower Design-Based challenges - frame your future

frame your future

You will compare your newly acquired knowledge with existing education to discover what fits what doesn't.

Fontys Pulsed Empower Design-Based challenges - my solution


Work on challenge you defined that is connected to your interests aligns with your goals.

we believe in
your identity

is the first step to
make a well-founded
career choice

A Fontys Pulsed student working with the Groow toolkit from Studio Tast

how to apply for empower

Empower is a flexible modular program, which means that students can enrol-in every two weeks. Even if you currently study outside of Fontys, you can apply for Empower program. To register, make an appointment for an introductory meeting by writing to us at empower@fontys.nl

Got a question? Connect directly with the Program Lead.

Erik Frey


+31 653934384

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