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first-year short program | empower tec

first year program | Empower TEC

Choosing the right study can be difficult. If you feel that you have made the wrong study choice, it can lead to disappointment, stress or frustration. Not knowing what your next step is can cause a lot of uncertainty. It is precisely because of this feeling that we developed the Empower TEC program at Pulsed.

Empower TEC (Technology + Entrepreneurship + Creativity) is a unique full-time education program for students who have (temporarily) stopped their education and want to make a new start.

During the program you will discover what makes you unique by gaining experiences and interacting with lecturers, fellow students and the outside world. Based on this, you can make a well-considered choice for a next step that really suits you. In addition, you stay in the (educational) rhythm and stay socially connected with teachers and students in an innovative learning environment.

Empower is an environment in which you don't learn from books, but by doing, making, occasionally failing and then learning from it.

All students are welcome.

Empower TEC
program details

The focus of the program is on your identity: 'who are you, what do you want and what can you do?' and how you can make choices that fit this. In addition, we help you develop the knowledge, skills and attitude that are relevant for today's students and professionals. The subjects of technology, entrepreneurship and creativity are therefore a common thread through our program. Skills such as collaborating, presenting and taking control come to the fore in our program and we introduce you to, for example, laser cutting, 3D printing, video editing and photoshop. During the entire program you will be guided in a personal way by our teachers and coaches.

A student getting feedback during  the associate degree engineering

we believe
your identity ...

... is the first step to
make a well-founded
career choice

zoekende+ groeiende +studenten

open-ended challenges

The program consists a total of 6 challenges. Each challenge has a different topic and lasts 3 weeks.


Discover what inspires you and what gives you energy.

it's all in
the game

Who and what shaped you? Dive into your life story and develop a cool game about it.


Discover your talents and values and use them to make a difference to others.

look into
the world

You compare the knowledge you have gained about yourself with potential new courses. What fits and what doesn't?

frame your future

Choose one of the following options, depending on where you are in your (selection) process:
1) Dive into your future by sketching a clear picture of the 3 education/professions that appeal to you most.
2) Develop a solution for a problem that exists in the field/degree you are going to choose.

the launch

Collect all the knowledge you have gained (about yourself) and present this in a cool way so that you can take it with you.

how to apply

Empower is a flexible education program. Every three weeks there is a starting moment for which you can register. You can register on this page.

Even if you are currently studying outside of Fontys, you can apply for the Empower program.
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