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first-year short program | empower tec

A young female student showcasing her magazine during Empower TEC
A young student showcasing his prototype during Empower TEC
A group of student playing a selfmade game by Empower TEC students

first year program | Empower TEC

Fontys Empower TEC (technology + entrepreneurship + creativity) is a program for students who struggle to choose the right major.

Sometimes, you find that your chosen study does not fit well with you. As a result, you feel that you have made a wrong move and are unsure about the next step. is a program for finding a fresh start.

During the program, students stay socially connected in a dynamic learning environment and discover their talents and interests to make a well-informed choice for a major that genuinely fits their identity.

All students are welcome.

Empower TEC
program details

The core focus of the program is personal and professional development. You will develop your (future) professional skills, learn creative tools, unpack your identity, and get support from individual coaching to transform into a self-directed professional.

During the 21-week program, you experience varied activities and challenges that you take individually or in a group.

A student getting feedback during  the associate degree engineering

we believe
your identity ...

... is the first step to
make a well-founded
career choice

zoekende+ groeiende +studenten

open-ended challenges

One challenge every three weeks.
Different subject for each challenge.


You are given time and space to land. And you will discover your interests and inspirations.

it's all in
the game

Who and what made you, you? You will dive in your life's story and create a game about it.


For who or what do you want to mean something. Discover your values and how you want to make an impact.

look into
the world

From your own fascinations and expertise you will develop a solution to a societal issue.

frame your future

You will compare your newly acquired knowledge with existing education to discover what fits what doesn't.


Work on a challenge that you defined which is connected to your interests and aligns with your goals.

how to apply

Empower is a flexible and modulair program, this means that students can register and start every three weeks during the whole school year. Even if you are studying outside of Fontys you will be able to join our Empower program.

We would like to invite you to come to our place before joining, to see our space, to meet other students and of course to meet us as well.
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